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This was so encouraging, definitely for any moms who stay home, or are contemplating staying home. It’s also so encouraging as a Believer to ask for those things that seem so out of our grasp or impossible. To ask for those heart’s desires. I’ve stayed home for years with my children and homeschooled and it’s all been worth it. We have sacrificed, and I wouldn’t trade any of it for what we have gained.

Eden- A Cord of 3 Strands

“Amen! Admittedly, when I was contemplating staying at home full time 5 years ago, the “we need the money” argument was at the forefront. But it came from a place of fear, anxiety, and doubt of God’s goodness and provision. When I asked God to remove those fears, He gave me the courage to quit my job, and he used my husband to provide by affording my husband a higher paying shift, as well as a promotion at work, literally the week after I gave my 2 weeks’ notice. God is good, let the Name of the Lord be praised!”

Eden- A Cord of 3 Strands

“I just got the chance to listen to the coming home series and I have so enjoyed it. My story parallels yours- I don’t think I ever would’ve chosen this life for myself had it not been for God moving my heart. I love being home with our 4 children and these are the truths that I so desperately need to be reminded of when the days are long and difficult. Thank you!”


“I love being a mom and I love coffee. Sounds like the right place for me”🙂


Beverley- Becoming the Oil and the Wine

“Amen! Great encouraging words to begin my morning.”

Jennifer- Being Beloved

“I remember reading that same story about Susannah Wesley years ago and being so encouraged!
How it sticks with us, in our memory as mothers who can totally understand this.”

Cristal- mommasway.wordpress.com

“Forever grateful for everything I’ve been blessed with! I would not be where I am if it wasn’t for God! —  Loving your site!!”

Beverley-   Becoming the Oil and the Wine

“I have nominated you for the Barnabas Award.” – “Have a great day!”

Island Traveler-  This Man’s Journey

“True. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration.”